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Costa Barcelona/Maresme

Costa Maresme. At a few kilometres of Barcelona, ranging from littoral hills to the sea, there is what we know as the Maresme coast. Long sandy beaches, attractive towns and great tourist places. What makes this area so enjoyable is the great weather, the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful hills and mountains and its geographic situation. In the Maresme besides its agriculture, mainly vineyards, the flower and vegetable growth, we should also mention an important textile industry. The fishing industry is mainly concentrated in Areyns de Mar, the forth biggest port of Cataluña. The big tourist attraction centre and residential areas are well equipped with excellent hotels, restaurants, camping, leisure places, and all kinds of installations for sports. Tourism is the main source of income in the region, and it offers to all of those who want to visit, quality and first class service.
What makes the Costa Maresme to be so interesting it’s the location. North of Barcelona , you can reach the city within minutes. By train, Car or Bus it’s easy, cheap and quick to reach it. The Costa Brava is also within minutes. Actually Costa Maresme starts at the North of the city of Barcelona, and ends at the beginning of the Costa Brava. 
Airports: They are only 55 minutes drive to Barcelona’s, and 30 minutes drive to Girona’s. Low cost companies (RyainairEasy jetBMI BabyThomson) have daily flights to these airports.
Easy to reach the Pyrenees. Only 150 km. away of enjoying a fantastic scenery, skiing resorts or just visiting.
We can say that Costa Maresme/Barcelona is convenient.

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